Appointment for visa application


Please note that no visa applicant will be admitted without a prior appointment.
All applicants will be required to bring to the Embassy the appointment receipt printed from the Internet.

Who does this apply to ?
All visa applicants.
Each applicant must make an appointment (1 appointment = 1 passport).

Diplomatic and official passports holders can nevertheless come outside of the opening hours, without an internet-made appointment, by contacting the consular section in advance : visas.seoul-amba[at]

ANTICIPATE : do not wait until the last minute, you can make an appointment several weeks in advance !

How to make an appointment ?

No appointment will be made by phone, fax, e-mail or in person.

Use a computer with the following set-up :
- Internet Explorer (Windows), version 6.0 or above, with service pack 2
or Firefox, version 1.0 or above
or Mozilla, version 1.7.8 or above
- Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 or above to print the receipt. This tool can be downloaded from Adobe website.

Warning ! It is necessary to authorize the opening of pop-up windows (modify the parameters of your web browser), otherwise you will not be able to print your appointment receipt.

If you have any question, please consult this user guide :

PDF - 1.6 Mo
Guide for visa appointment
(PDF - 1.6 Mo)

NB : Do not book more than one appointment !
After you have made an appointment, you will be able to modify or cancel it, and to print again your receipt.
To do so, please write down the reference number.

At times, our appointment system may be momentarily unavailable. In this case, we advise you to connect later.

Various recommendations :
- Your passport must be valid, and expire at least 3 months after the end of the visa.
- Each child must have an individual passport.
- All applicants must come in person, except for children under 12 years old, provided they join 2 ID photos complying with the French regulations and of good quality,
- Please check that your insurance certificate complies with the Schengen regulations (30.000 euros coverage for accident, sickness, hospitalization and rescue expenses, and 10.000 euros for civil liability) and that it covers the whole duration of your intended stay,
- Do not wait for your transportation tickets to make an appointment : a document proving the booking is sufficient.
- Make sure that, on the day of the appointment, your application file is complete and the forms are completely filled in and signed,
- For your comfort and to avoid an overcrowded waiting room, only the visa applicants will be admitted, except for minors who can be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian.

REMINDER : Applicants for a student visa will have to book an appointment with the computer available in the Campus France office following their interview. The appointment shall be booked at least 3 days after (weekends and holidays excluded) the day of the interview.

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